Grotesque Tactics 2 - Dungeons and Donuts
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RPG, Strategy
21 Nov 2011
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Grotesque Tactics 2 - Dungeons and Donuts

Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts begins as the citizens of the Kingdom of Glory celebrate their victory over the Dark Church.  While in the catacombs of their former enemies, their revelry is disturbed by a sudden all-encompassing fog.  Those that remain alive after the strange attack, barricade themselves in the depths of the catacombs.  As time passes, food becomes scarce and the people of the Kingdom of Glory begin to realize that they might all meet their demise.  The ‘heroic’ Knights of Glory, shady mercenaries and the arrogant high elves band together into guilds in order to survive and escape the dank catacombs.   Unfortunately, the guilds are far too concerned with their distaste for each other, thus allowing for an awakening of dark forces in the dungeons below.

GT2 - D&D introduces a ton of new content to the saga, such as:

  • A completely reworked and brand new direction of graphic style
  • A new character creation and leveling system with talent trees
  • Quest logs and of course a brand new story line involving the great cast of GT

More to come!



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